5 Coupon Sites You Need to Check Out

5 Coupon Sites You Need to Check Out

If you need to make your budget stretch then saving money is right up your alley.  One of the ways you can trim the budget is by clipping coupons, especially after watching Extreme Couponing on TLC.  Those guys manage to get hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries for just a few dollars.  You can find lots of coupons in the Sunday flyers and from magazines.  Newspapers and other print media is dying a slow death and today you can find most of your coupons are now found on the internet.

There are apps and websites that put all kinds of deals in one place making finding those good deals much easier to find.  While there are hundreds of those sites only a few of them are actually worth your while.  Here are 5 coupon sites you need to check out.

Smart Source

This is one of the older coupon sites on the internet and is often used to filter coupons to smaller sites.  All you have to do is enter your zip code and it will give the deals that are nearby.  You will need a printer to print the coupons and then you’re off to shop.


Probably the oldest site on the internet and it is one of the fastest to list discounts and deals.  This one is only good for US residents, so if you’re in Canada you won’t find deals here.

Retail Me Not

This site is more for your online shopping rather than printing and using them at local stores.  Retail Me Not offer coupon and discount codes for hundreds of different retailers.  Grab your coupon code and head over to your favorite online retailer and then apply it at the checkout and the discount is taken off your total.


eBates works very similarly to Retail Me Not in that you get discount codes to your favorite retailer but they also allow you to earn cash back.  Most of these coupon sites get a commission when they refer a customer to a retailer, eBates shares that commission with you.  They also give you the chance to donate the cash back to your favorite charity.

Slick Deals

This is less of a traditional coupon site and more of a forum where users share information on deals.  If there is a good deal then members will vote on deals to let you know they approve.  Any of the deals that are posted here have been approved by members of the forum.  They have deals on everything, clothes, electronics, furniture and appliances.  Anything you can think of that is sold online or in stores you can find here.