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Use Livingsocial Coupons and 5 More Top Money Saving Tips

livingsocial coupon codes 2018Money, money, money. It’s what makes the world go round – but how do we keep more of what we earn? We’ve all been in that all too familiar situation at the end of the month, checking the bank balance and finding, yet again, we’ve not been able to save any money. But how do you make the change? How can you stop dreading checking your balance and start enjoying the sight of your pennies adding up?


Use Coupon Websites Like Livingsocial

Daily deal coupon websites like Livingsocial utilize group buys to make things cheaper. You can get gym memberships, groceries, gift cards, and nearly everything you could possibly need for less. You just need to decide what you need ahead of time, so that you don’t end up buying dog grooming certificates for a dog you don’t own yet.

Use comparison sites

Comparison sites do the hard work for you and find the best deals around. Sometimes only associated with car insurance, comparison sites can be found for a whole host of different products and services. From food shopping to flights to electronic goods, comparison sites are an invaluable component of any frugal person’s toolbox.

Buy out of season

Obviously this doesn’t apply to foodstuffs. In fact, in-season food is normally cheaper. This applies to clothes. Towards the end of summer, grab all those skimpy swimwear items, hats, and sandals in preparation for next summer. As winter draws to a close, it’s time to invest in that nice big coat you’ve had your eye on.

Retailers panic towards the end of a season and heavily discount the items they think won’t sell before the weather changes. Unless you’re a real fashionista with plans to take to the catwalk, then last year’s gear is indistinguishable from the most current fashion. Plus, the money you save means you can afford the better quality clothing that will last you for years to come.


Cycle or walk to work

If it is possible to get to work or school by free means, do it. It will not only save you a bucket-load of cash, it will also save on costly gym fees. The money spent on commuting is often over-looked as a negligible amount but small and consistent outlays quickly add up to considerable sums of money.

If your commute is too long to walk or cycle, consider other money-saving schemes such as car-sharing.

Buy own brand

Own brand products can be hit and miss. Spend some time trying out different items to see which ones compare to their brand-name alternatives. Often you’ll be surprised by just how cheap you can get a product without noticing a decline in quality.5. Use libraries

Libraries are severely under-rated by many people. Library usage in the UK has fallen by 30% over the past decade, despite still offering the best option for free entertainment and information around. Many people also never consider libraries for things other than books. Check out your local library and you’ll find computer games, DVDs, and any number of multimedia products available at no cost, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds in rental or purchasing fees.

Making just a few slight adjustments to your daily spending habits can quickly add up. With no decline in quality of living, and just some intelligent planning and forethought, you can save money to put towards the finer things in life.

Are Daily Deal Sites Worth It for Your Business

Are Daily Deal Sites Worth It for Your Business?

Putting an offer out on a deal site is risky.  There have been businesses that didn’t clarify their offer and lost their shirts.  Yet there are still businesses that still use this strategy to bring in a steady stream of customers. Make no mistake using Groupon or Livingsocial to promote your business can increase your customer base and provide some much needed cash but it is not without risks.

The Risks

If you’re looking to increase your bottom line then you should probably look at other marketing strategies.  The idea behind a daily deal site isn’t about immediate profits but more about putting you in touch with lots of people who have never tried your business before.  The problem is that most of these folks are deal hunters and won’t necessarily ever be back.

A Deal Gone Bad

An owner of a spa and wellness center put together a deal for Groupon at an incredibly low price and sold more than 1,000 deals in just one day.  Sounds pretty good right?  It wasn’t.  The profit for each of these packages was about $3.  What you would want out of this deal are good conversions, that is people who bought other services, was less than 1%.  Here are some more horror stories of Groupons gone bad.

Who They Actually Work For

Rice University actually did a study and found that less than half of the first time promotions actually generate profits or new business.  However it is not all bad news.

Groupon and other daily deal sites can work incredibly well for health and fitness providers, dentists, photographers, and doctors.  Before you jump into offering up a daily deal here is what you need to know.

Set up the Right Sales Funnel

  • Make sure you can use this deal to ensure future business either through upsells or cross sells. Know exactly what you want your customer to do once they buy your deal.
  • Create your own database of customers. One of the reasons for the success of these sites is that they retain the customer’s information or email and send them more deals in the future.  You need to do the same.
  • Get the details down. Make sure the expiration dates are clear, don’t use the deal during the busiest times of the day.

Deal sites aren’t for everybody or every business.  So don’t waste a lot of time and energy on these types of promotions, it is just a part of your marketing strategy not the whole strategy.